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Management Team

Managing Director

Dolly Bhasin

A Gold medalist Electronics & Communications Engineer with specialisations in Sales and Marketing, Business Administration with over 32 years experience.

Nitesh Bhasin

An Engineer by degree but specialisation in International marketing with 8 years experience.
Tourism Expert

Deepak Dutt

A Rajasthan Shree awardee, has over 40 years experience with al major hospitality chains in the country.
Technology Researcher


A final year student trainee of Computer Science Engineering from BVCOE.

We add Value to your Business to Grow!

Information for Starting Up

Whether you are a student enterpreneur or a seasoned business owner, we help you with the right information to start and promote a new business. We provide support and strategies for technology acquisition, managing collaboration, product prototyping and testing of new markets.

We also support new businesses with talent acquisition and training of teams on technoogy adoption through our partner network.

Information for Growth

We define and implement e-services strategies for managing growth of established and funded businesses to help them reach new geographies, expand distribution and adopt ebusiness. We undertake outsourced eservices for education and marketing processes for select clients.

We also undertake knowledge services projects to enhance/promote ideas, create awareness and implement businesses strategies.

Experience and Professionals

We have wide range of experiences in improving the quality of service delivery, introducing new concepts, promoting new ideas and services, offering value added services like e-publishing, emarketing and e-tourism.

We do this by our internal and external consultants and partners